Is your chin mask reusable?

Unfortunately, no. Our chin mask has active ingredients that penetrate the skin during use and stop working once the mask is removed. For this reason, each mask can only be used once before discarding.

Is it safe to use during pregnancy?

Yes, our mask is safe for use during pregnancy. However due to increased edema (fluid retention) in pregnant women, we recommend using for only half the recommended time. Always check with your doctor or health care practitioner to ensure the product is OK for you.

I have sensitive skin; can I use your chin mask?

Yes! Our ingredients are safe for sensitive skin and shouldn’t cause any reaction. Both our owners have sensitive skin and this was a must when creating our masks. However, in the unlikely event you do have a reaction to our mask discontinue use.

Can I use your chin mask before make up and after moisturising?

Yes, we recommend using our chin mask after cleansing, but before moisturising and make-up.

Should I wear your chin mask on the day of or before a big event?

It’s up to you! You can use the set of 3 in the lead up to and on the big day. For max effect use we recommend on the day, however for ongoing results using it in the lead up is best!

Can I use your masks after I use fake tan?

During testing we noticed only a slight bit of colour come off the skin (not noticeable), however we do recommend doing a test patch to ensure that your tan does not come off as all tanning products are different.

How long do results for your chin mask last?

One use can last up to 2 weeks. Results may vary from person to person.

Do you test on animals?

Absolutely not! We love our furry friends and do not do any animal testing.

Are your products eco-friendly?

All our packaging is recyclable.