Chin Lifting Mask 3 Pack

$20 $39.99


You know the saying, all good things come in 3's. That's why our pack of 3 is the best value for money!  

The ultimate quick lift! Be selfie ready in a flash using the Dfine World Chin Lifting Mask.

By using active ingredients and the elasticity from the non-woven fabric, you'll notice a smoother, lifted and more defined chin and jawline in just 30 minutes! That’s the beauty of it, it’s an easy solution to contouring, no fillers or surgery necessary.

The mask can be worn before a night out or it can be added to your weekly skin care routine 2-3x a week for max results. 


GLYCERIN: The master of hydration, it’s one of the many substances in skin that helps maintain a healthy look and feel, defending against dryness and working to maintain the skin’s moisture level.
PROPYLENE GLYCOL: Attracts water and locks it into the skin. Assists in hydration and
smoothness by helping the active ingredients penetrate the skin.
HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN: Helps skin hydration and elasticity while boosting collagen density. An ingredient that also helps deter the signs of skin aging.
VITAMIN E: Plays an important role in neutralising free radicals, moisturising skin, and improving the appearance of visible skin aging.
TARTARIC ACID: Improve skin texture and reduce the signs of aging by promoting cell shedding in the outer layers of the epidermis and by restoring hydration.

*Results May Vary.

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